Welcome to Making and Saving Money!

Welcome to making and saving money

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Today is 3 September 2020 and it’s a momentous moment, because I am FINALLY starting the blog I have been procrastinating about for ages. During the Covid-19 lockdown I helped a number of friends, family and acquaintances to find ways to make and save money. I found myself repeating myself…a lot!

Over the last couple of years, I spent a lot of time and money testing out different ways to make and save money, after leaving my high flying corporate career to get some better balance in my life and try something new. While I’m not an expert, I’ve built up a useful knowledge bank on this topic that I hope will help other people.

Here’s the lowdown on me

My name is Emma. I’m a 30 something recovering workaholic based in the UK. I escaped the corporate world two years ago after a serious burnout that left me exhausted and sick. I realised that continuing that high-stress lifestyle would lead me to an early grave. At that stage, I had no clue what I wanted to do next and I’d lost a lot of self-confidence as my breakdown had been so fast, so intense and unexpected.

I then set out to try to find a way of making money online from home, while also looking for a ‘less stressful job’. To date, I’ve not gone back down the job route as I’ve realised it’s not the right path for me. However, I am by no means ‘anti-job’. During my research stage for different side hustles and online opportunities, I have been shocked by the number of online gurus that are spreading the anti-job message as part of their attempts to recruit people into sketchy programmes, which then encourage those individuals to go all in and quit their day jobs in the hope of making a return from the opportunity in question. I’ve seen so many horror stories where this has all gone terribly wrong.

While I seemingly jumped into the deep end when I left the corporate world it was a necessity for my physical and mental health. I’d also built up savings that I knew I could survive on for a year to two. That gave me the breathing space to do some personal development work and learn some new skills that I could then monetise.

So, what will we talk about at making and saving money?

This is my commitment to posting weekly about a topic that will help you make some money or save some money, based on things I have tried myself. I will also transparently share my journey with this blog and whatever road that leads me to in the future.

I’d love to get as much feedback as possible on my content so I can fine-tune it to talk to the things that you really care about and want to know more about. Bear with me; I’m new to blogging personally so some of my content may be a little rough around the edges. It’ll get better in time. 🙂

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