What is Debt Avalanche?

What is debt avalanche

The debt avalanche strategy is a debt repayment method that sees you paying the minimum interest charges possible, by focussing on your debts with the highest interest rate first. At the same time, you make the minimum monthly payment on your other accounts. Is the debt avalanche method the right debt repayment approach for you? … Read more

When Can I Retire (UK)?

When can I retire UK

  The age that you can retire depends on your expenses and the income that you have coming into your household outside of your job. Some people put themselves in a financial situation that enables them to retire in their 20s, while others never stop working. Let’s walk through the steps to calculate when you … Read more

What is Debt Snowball?

What is Debt Snowball

  The debt snowball is a method of repaying debt that has received support from Dave Ramsey, a prominent personal finance expert based in America. It involves paying off your debts from smallest to largest to encourage more motivation to become debt-free. At the same time, you pay the minimum payments on your other debt … Read more

How to Have Multiple Streams of Income

How to have multiple streams of income

  For many people, having a job is the full extent of their income generation. However, just having one stream of income puts us in a vulnerable situation if we lose our job. With a little bit of time, research, and sometimes upfront investment, it’s possible to create multiple streams of income and ultimately reach … Read more

Side Hustles For Writers

The Best Side Hustles for Writers

  Writing is an effective way of earning an income in full-time employment as well as in a range of side hustles. What’s more, you don’t have to be a writing expert to make money from writing. Even with basic writing capabilities, there are ways to monetise your skills. This post contains affiliate links. If … Read more