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Last Updated on October 21, 2020 by Emma

Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform and community that teaches you the steps to set up and monetise a website.

The typical ways of earning money with the platform include:

  • learning how to generate commission for yourself through affiliate marketing,
  • tapping into advertising revenue, and
  • learning other ways to make money from online traffic such as developing your own books and programmes.

Read on to learn how to earn with Wealthy Affiliate!


Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links which means this blog earns a small commission if you decide to use one of the links, at no extra cost to yourself. These commissions help to fund more free content to support you with making and saving money!



Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to create your own website

I’d been considering starting a blog for some time when one of my friends mentioned Wealthy Affiliate (WA) in passing to me. The thing that had held me back from blogging previously was not knowing how to set up the technical side of a website. My friend showed me the website he had managed to create with WA without any prior knowledge, and he mentioned that I could test it out with a free trial. So I gave it a go and never looked back.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you step-by-step training that you can follow through videos, which is super helpful if you are a visual learner, and means you can implement the steps on your website as you watch the video. The steps are also written up as articles so you can follow them that way as well.

I was amazed that within a day I had my very own website makingandsavingmoney.com set up, and I was ready to start writing content.


Learn how to monetise your website with affiliate marketing

Initially creating my blog was going to be a bit of a passion project for me, however, as I completed more of the Wealthy Affiliate training I learned about the opportunities to earn money through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing involves making a commission for promoting other products and services that you believe in and that are relevant to your blog. So far, I have registered with the Amazon Associates programme and Clickbank, and I’ve earned my first commission!


Access to a University of resources

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the depth of training available through Wealthy Affiliate. You start by working through five courses broken down into ten steps. I love the fact that the training is interactive; you have steps to complete on every lesson, that means you are actively building your website and starting to get results as you learn.

If you find yourself stuck at any stage, there is a whole community of people ready to step in and answer your questions. WA has been going for many years so you can easily find the answers to most questions by using the search tab.

Each week there is live training on something topical. After you’ve completed the first five courses, you can work through many others, depending on your interests. You can also create training within the community if you have skills and knowledge to share.


Wealthy Affiliate University

Gain support from a community of 1.4m online marketers

One of my favourite things about Wealthy Affiliate is how helpful the community is. Wherever you are on the journey to driving traffic to your website and monetising it there are always people who are steps ahead who can help with questions. There are also people who are just starting out who you can support and encourage. The community is global, meaning that you can post a question at any time of day and anticipate a quick response.

You can use the ‘Live Chat’ function to get immediate responses.

Earn money reviewing other websites and blogs

I recently discovered that you could earn an income within Wealthy Affiliate by reviewing other members’ websites and adding comments. It’s a great way to gain inspiration by seeing what other people have created while helping them in the process.

You can put the money you earn towards receiving feedback and comments on your articles, or cash it out.

Hone your skills with weekly live classes

The online world is continually developing, so it’s excellent that Wealthy Affiliate offers weekly live training sessions. If you find that you can’t make the sessions live, you can catch up on the recording.

Get feedback and comments on your website

If you are a newbie like me, it’s great to get some feedback on what you are producing from more experienced members of the community, or simply from people who your ideal audience. Using the site feedback option, you can request feedback on your entire website, which gives you the insights to improve it over time.

Try Wealthy Affiliate with a free membership

Wealthy Affiliate offers newbies a free starter membership which gives you access to 10 training modules and the ability to set up your first website with full support for seven days. You don’t have to input your credit card details, so there is no fear of getting charged if you don’t like what you see.

I initially joined WA on the starter membership, and I learned and achieved so much in a short space of time that I decided to continue.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Trial

Would I recommend Wealthy Affiliate?

It’s a resounding, yes! Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, I have finally been able to create makingandsavingmoney.com and realise one of my life’s goals to help other people to become more confident with their finances.

I’ve found the site gives me all the support I need and more right now, for a very reasonable fee that is much less than I have paid for less helpful programmes.

If you find yourself wondering whether WA is right for you, then I’d recommend the free starter membership. There is nothing to lose with that, and you may just learn a few things that help you to create a new online business.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

No. Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate site that gives you the step-by-step training to create your own online business. You can join on a starter membership for free and don’t even have to provide your credit card to get access to their resources.

If you find yourself find value in the experience and want to gain access to more of their support and benefits, then you can upgrade to premium membership. With premium membership, you have the option to pay monthly or annually.


How much does it cost to join Wealthy Affiliate?

There are two levels of membership: Starter and Premium. Starter is entirely free, and Premium is currently $49 a month or $495 if you pay annually. New members who upgrade from Starter to Premium get the first month for $19, so they can test out all the premium benefits for a low additional fee.

You can compare the benefits of the two levels of membership in this table below. If you have any questions feel free to drop them into the comment box below or message emma@makingandsavingmoney.com.


Wealthy Affiliate Packages

How long does it take to earn money with Wealthy Affiliate?

If you create consistent, quality content on your website and follow the training, then you can expect to start making your first affiliate commissions in three to six months. Members who put the effort in seem to start generating a decent income by the 12-month mark.

As with all genuine online businesses, it requires work and action and isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. If you want to shortcut some of the work, you could outsource content creation to writers that you find on sites such as FiverrUpwork or Bark.

How much money can you earn with Wealthy Affiliate?

People with successful affiliate websites can earn upwards of six figures as they drive increasing levels of traffic over time. However, other people join Wealthy Affiliate and don’t go on to make any money at all because they don’t complete the training or implement what they have learned.

Your results will be proportional to the effort that you put in.

Does Wealthy Affiliate have a referral programme?

Yes. Wealthy Affiliate members who are happy with the service can refer other people to WA and earn a commission. I first heard of WA when one of my friends recommended the service to me.

What are the downsides or cons of Wealthy Affiliate?

So far I haven’t experienced any. As a newbie to the world of building websites, affiliate marketing, and blogging, WA has exceeded my expectations. I’m pleased with the value I have received in return for the fee. You can also get massive value from the starter membership without getting your credit card out at all.

From googling online, I’ve found some criticisms that some of the training needs to be updated and is too basic and that WA’s marketing makes it seem like you can create a high-earning business for no effort. Speaking purely from my personal experience, I have to disagree with this. Perhaps my views will change as I become more experienced and have more sophisticated needs, but at this stage, I have only positive things to report.

What are the alternatives to Wealthy Affiliate?

If you are already tech-savvy and know how to build an online business, then you could buy a domain name from a site such as Bluehost and then use it’s hosting services, and develop your site directly in WordPress.

I’ve also come across a training provider called Income School, and I’ve received excellent value from their free content on YouTube. At this stage, I haven’t tried any of their courses, so I am not qualified to give an opinion on those.

What do you think?

Does Wealthy Affiliate sound like a platform that you can earn and learn with?

Will you give the free trial a go?

What platforms do you use to make money online?

Happy blogging!


Wealthy Affiliate Free Trial

20 thoughts on “Learn How To Earn on Wealthy Affiliate”

  1. This is something good for me to learn on how to make money on wealthyaffiliate which is for me one of the best online business platform and also a training site for those that want to learn how to make good money online. That you’re even able to share with us this tip is just so wonderful. Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Jackie, I’m really pleased that you found this article helpful! I wish you every success with Wealthy Affiliate and no doubt we’ll connect in the community.

  2. Wealthy Affiliate gives all the steps we need for success and I can only hope that there are more and more ways that we can make best out of the platform. What you shared here is really good to see and the overview here is well worthy. They have it all set out in plans and taking the right actions would definitely give the best rewards too. Thank you

    • Thanks for your message. Yes I agree there is a lot of support available. It’s all about taking action.

  3. It’s a very good and useful step for an online user to read through reviews, it means that he or she doesn’t want to fall into trap of scam and is willing to know more about the good ways of making money online. Wealthy affiliate is a really nice platform and it is very helpful to a lot of people including me, this article will help people know how to earn on Wealthy affiliate, it’s good of you to share.

  4. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your review as it contains valuable information’s i find very useful to me. I started wealthy affiliate not long ago, going through this has thought me ways on which i can earn from this platform and i really appreciate that

  5. Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this article on learn how to earn from wealthy affiliate. Wealthy affiliate remains the best affiliate marketing platform to me, A very lucrative one. There are so many ways to earn from it but the best way is by giving training. You can also earn from referrals and be sure to get your money as it’s a very legit platform. I can say this because I use wealthy affiliate and it deserves all the praises and more. 

    • Hi Sophie, thanks for sharing your experiences. I look forward to connecting with you in the Wealthy Affiliate community!

  6. WA has plenty of resources going on for the price you pay. It can be a bit overwhelming for beginners to absorb what’s going on in the training, classroom, and chat, but you get used to it after a while. I particularly like the recorded webinar and listened to them all the time while commuting to work. Going into WA during this pandemic time helps keep me positive and productive on my blog while the world is chaotic. 

    • Hi Cathy, thanks for taking the time to share your experiences. I agree that there is so much training and information available on Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve found it helpful just to follow the training step by step at my own pace and not pay too much attention to the other resources until I need them. I’ll see you in the community!

  7. Well, I actually think getting such huge benefits from a platform for such small fee to be a premium member is outstanding, and this would be an eye opener to so many people who have been involved in some poorly developed platform. I like the fact that there is a community, a place with like minded people who are willing to help you when in need. 

  8. Why some people may call Wealthy Affiliate a scam is because they came with the mindset of get-rich-quick. They expect to make money the following week. Now that’s a very wrong mentality to work online. That’s why some get scammed easily. Make real money both physically and online takes time. It takes hard work and patience. And if one is not ready for this, then there is no point in the first place. Wealthy Affiliate is truly a legit platform that does what it says. There are people that have been on the platform for years and still thriving. Now a scam company can’t stay that long and keep its members paying subscription fees.

    • Thanks for your message Kelvin. I agree. It takes time and effort to build a profitable online business. So many people give up before they have given it a chance to work.

  9. Wealthy affiliate so far so good has taught me a lot in the digital marketing world. Wealthy affiliate is like a workshop to me which teaches members on how to earn money online by teaching them how to generate commissions through affiliate links and also it teaches how to generate traffic on websites. It allows users to tap into advertising avenues.

    • Hi Maureen. Great to connect. I’m pleased to hear that you’ve had a positive experience with Wealthy Affiliate as well.

  10. Hi Emma

    Thanks so much for sharing, although I have read some blog that Wealthy Affiliate can teach you how to make money and they did show some user testimonies of people who`ve had success with Wealthy Affiliate, I did not know that you can also earn on the platform.

    I was wondering, how does it work for slow learners? English is not my first or second language so I sometimes struggle when learning new things.

    Is there a way I can repeat tutorials when learning at Wealthy Affiliate once I have paid for the upgrade? and second question, can I make money with Wealthy Affiliate even if I`m not located in Canada or the USA?

    • Hi Roamy,

      Thanks for these great questions. The training with Wealthy Affiliate is self-paced so you can watch each video as many times as you like and you can select the speed it plays at. You could also copy and paste the written instructions into a translation tool.

      You can make money with WA from anywhere in the world. I’m based in the UK and it works well here 🙂


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