Should I Quit My Job And Start My Own Business?

Should I Quit My Job And Start My Own Business

  Quitting your job to start a business, or to focus on a ‘side hustle’ full time, has become a popular trend that many internet celebrities in the self-help field encourage.  For the majority of people it’s a bad decision. Why? Because this ethos encourages people to leave a stable income before they have anything … Read more

How To Save Money Working From Home

How to Save Money Working from Home

  Working from home can lead to a host of cost-saving benefits, such as no commuting costs, fewer takeaway coffees, less eating lunch out, and less need for expensive office clothes. However, if we’re not careful, we can see other costs spiralling, such as energy bills and online purchases, which can that mean overall we … Read more

How To Identify A Pyramid Scheme

How To Identify A Pyramid Scheme

  Pyramid schemes are bad news for people who want to make money online; they’ll set you on a path to lose money. A pyramid scheme will generally involve you paying an initial fee to join a business opportunity, with an ongoing cost each month for inventory. The fundamental way you make money is through … Read more

What Is The Envelope Method?

What is the envelope method

  The Envelope Method is a method of budgeting that Dave Ramsey, the US financial guru recommends. It’s simple; you determine the different areas of your budget, such as food, entertainment, and travel and put each of these category names onto a separate envelope.  You then put your budget for each expenses category into each … Read more

Is Fiverr A Good Way To Make Money?


  Fiverr is a credible way to make money as a freelancer and comes with a high amount of traffic (potential clients) and protection. However, your earnings could be higher if you use other freelancing platforms or you find your clients directly.  For businesses that are looking to outsource specific activities, Fiverr presents a very … Read more

How To Prevent Being Scammed Online: Top Ten Tips

Prevent Online Scams

  Scams are prevalent online today, and the best way to protect yourself is to do your research before you click on a dubious link or take an online action. In this article, we’ll cover the top ten ways that you can prevent being scammed online. Disclaimer: This article may contain affiliate links. If you … Read more

Tried and Tested Ways to Make Money Blogging


  If you’re looking for get rich schemes, then reading this article is not going to help you. There are umpteen ways to make credible money blogging, but all of them take time and effort. If you’re still reading, then scroll down for my top tried and tested ways to make money blogging. Disclaimer: This … Read more